Drywall Estimating Rule Of Thumb

Looking to start with your drywall project but don’t know how to go about it? Many contractors fumble when it comes to ensuring how to have drywall projects done completely, whether it be having the right materials or the quantity. Most contractors, for instance, fumble when it comes to calculating the project costs or the off that they can take. This mistake can prove costly, as you wouldn’t know how much time the project will take. In turn, it means that there can be significant delays.

While having the right markup is essential, there are a few other things to note as well. From permit fees to insurance to the size of the job, everything matters. Here is a look at all the other things you need to know.

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Drywall Projects: Estimating Cost and Materials

Are you about to install drywall? Then use the industry standard methods to find out the amount of material you will need and the associated costs.

  1. Calculate Square Footage
    Calculate the total square foot area of the drywall you will need. Use the formula-Length x Width = Total square feet
  2. Number of Drywall Sheets
    You have to divide the total square foot area of drywall by square foot area of the sheet you intend to use.If you are working with 2,000 square feet and use 4-by-8 sheets, then you will require1,600 / 32 = 50 sheets. Add in 10% for waste50 + 5 = 55 sheets.To find the total cost of sheets, multiply the number of sheets you will need with cost per sheet.
  3. Length of Drywall Tape
    Multiply the total number of drywall sheets by the perimeter of each sheet (4-by-8) to find the length of drywall tape you will require.2 x (4+8) x 55 = 1320 feet. Generally, drywall tapes come in 500 feet length, so divide the total length you need with 500 to get the number of rolls you will need. Multiply that by cost per roll to determine your cost.
  4. Amount of Joint Compound
    You have to use 0.053 pounds of mud for each square foot of drywall. If you are installing 1,600 square feet drywall then-1,600 x 0.053 = 84.8 or 85 lb of compound.
  5. Amount of Drywall Screws
    Divide total square foot area by 300 to find out the number of drywall screws you require-1,600 / 300 = 5.3 lb of screws.
  6. Number of Corner Beads
    You have to use one entire corner bead for all the outside wall corners in your project. Both 8-foot and 10-foot beads can be used for the purpose. If you got other outside corners and soffits, consider the total length of all the structures and divide by length of corner bead you are using. Add this to the total drywall count.
  7. Consider Other Costs
    Weigh in other costs included such as-Permit feesSandpaperMaterials for guarding finished areas

Cleaning Costs

You will also want to add in your profit and 15% to 20% markup. These few tips will ensure that you don’t have to worry about altering your quote later on.

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